REO Truck Curtiss Aerocar "Vagabond"


REO Truck Curtiss Aerocar "Vagabond"

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A classy Way of Travelling


For most people and for aviation historians the name Glenn H. Curtiss is linked to the early days of motorized flights. Only a very few know that his innovations and ideas also gave direction to the development of road vehicles.


In the 1920s he attracted attention with the realization of a comfortable camping trailer. As his customers were mostly well-heeled US-citizens, the interior design of the trailer was usually very luxurious. In order to improve the level of drive comfort, Curtiss modified several technical aspects of his camping trailer step-by-step beginning in 1927. The special trailer became known under the term “Aerocar”. The special truck/ trailer combination consisting of the “Aerocar” camping trailer and the specially built, streamlined REO truck was built at the request of the then over 50-year old Dr. Hubert Eaton in 1937. His wealth based on the idea and operation of the Forest Lawn Memorial-Park in Los Angeles, a famous cemetery that was arranged as a park afterwards where many renowned Hollywood stars found their last resting place. 


The interior of his semitrailer camping truck was very luxuriously furnished. The built-in kitchen and the toilet left nothing to be desired. Even an air condition was on-board. By use of an intercom system, the inside the trailer chauffeured Eaton was able to talk to his chauffeur, who steered the REO truck. Behind the driver’s cab the driver had a separate sleeper cab. 


The unique truck/ trailer combination was in use at the Memorial-Park until 1991. 

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