DELAHAYE Record Monthlery 1934

DELAHAYE Record Monthlery 1934

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From 3 to 5 April 1934, less than a month after the record-shattering Hotchkiss, a special Nervasport appears at Montlhery to set the world speed record of 48 hours covering 8037.341 km averaging of 167,445 km/h. The Nervasport succeeds in passing the record of 4000 miles (the average of 169.935 km/h) and continues to set another record of 5000 miles in 48 hours, 3 minutes and 14 seconds (average: 167.465 km/h). In the process, the Nervasport wins another nine international records. The highly streamlined body of this car is no stranger to these good results: it is due to the Riffard engineer, father of the famous aircraft Caudron "Rafale" Cup winner Deutsch de la Meurthe and holder of the record Air World Time; the plane had already exceeded 500 km/h.

Everyone gloats in Billancourt in early April but the euphoria will not last long. On 8 May a 18 CV Sport Delahaye presents at the Montlhery track and began a round ending two days later by obtaining four new world records including the 48 hours at 176.294 km/h. Renault fought back but were finally defeated in a fatal accident.

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